Amy Lee Chilton


My Music

I enjoy singing, writing lyrics and composing. My music ranges from jazz to Christian spiritual. Even so, lots of folks from Kentucky to Australia consistently buy some of my humorous country singles—as well as my calming lullabies.

Yes, I truly believe that music speaks of—and to— and for our very souls!

> Vendors, Your Privacy & Our Standards

I am grateful for those who sell my music. Still, out of respect for you and others, I am cautious.

Our world was once simpler. Now, the internet and credit cards share lots of information. I don't discourage what they do. However, I do NOT collect personal information on this site. Thus, you may freely choose where to shop from those who sell my CDs and audio files:

> Cookies & Third Parties

We will soon use cookies to count visitors and improve our website. However, we will not use them for tracking off of our site. Still, please remember that when you leave our site, vendors may use their own cookies to determine who sent you to them.